Medical & Life Sciences


Technologies on world level

In the countries of the ASEAN region, especially during the last two decades, a significant improvement in quality and quantity has taken place in the medical health care system. This is particularly true in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

In Thailand, for example, a health care system has been developed that is free of charge for lower-income population groups. Furthermore, Bumrungrad International Hospital - BIH in Bangkok - is the largest private hospital in Asia and the first hospital in Asia to have received ISO 9001 certification and accreditation in accordance with JCI standards. About half a million patients per year from the West receive medical treatment at BIH.

Growing medical tourism on the part of patients from the Western hemisphere to the ASEAN region also contributes to the development and continuous modernization of health care systems in the region. While these changes are taking place, a comprehensive medical technology and biotechnology market is rapidly developing and increasing in size.


Cooperation opportunities for Western SME

The strong growth of the medical technology and biotechnology markets in the ASEAN region has led to the emergence of new domestic SMEs in this region that play an increasingly important role in this market. There exist a variety of opportunities for Western SMEs operating in this market segment to find a suitable local partner for entry into the ASEAN market. We help our clients to find a suitable partner in the areas of:

  • Diagnostics 
  • Therapeutics 
  • Biotechnology 
  • Medical technology
  • Medical informatics


Clinical studies and certification in the ASEAN region

The existence of an excellent health care system in the ASEAN region is attracting many Western companies for the purpose of carrying out large numbers of clinical studies on different products in ASEAN hospitals, or to certify their products according to international standards.

Thailand became a center for Western companies and the WHO to carry out large clinical trials in compliance with ICG-GCP standards organized by global clinical research organizers (CROs). We have the necessary contacts to organise and conduct all steps in clinical trials on, and certifications of our client’s products.