Licensing in the ASEAN region


Opening of new opportunities

The grant of licenses to an ASEAN company extends the chances of the licensor to finance other projects and facilitates the development of the ASEAN market. In total, revenues from the international licensing business have increased fivefold over the past 15 years. The careful design of the license and technology transfer agreements with licensing partners abroad and proper knowledge of the national legal system are key elements of business success.


Special features of the ASEAN region

All member countries of the ASEAN Community, with the exception of Myanmar and Cambodia, are signatories to the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty). Which ASEAN country is the most appropriate one for our customers depends on different factors.

In any case, we help our customers to resolve major questions that arise in the preliminary phase, such as market analysis, market study, licensee’s election, judicial and fiscal aspects, and, finally, preparation of the contract. Our extensive network of experts from law firms, local government authorities, and small- and medium-sized technology companies in the ASEAN region enables us to address each part of the procedure with due attention.