Joint Venture


Possibility to influence the ASEAN market

The general rule is that the foreign company obtains a high degree of influence on the ASEAN market by means of a joint venture. Risks associated with market entry are reduced. This can be a profitable step even for a small- or medium-sized Western company.

It should be taken into account that the mutual cross-ownership of a company entails a high degree of commitment to the ASEAN market. The legal framework needs to be known in detail and is subject to the ASEAN  country from which the joint venture partner comes.


Joint venture companies in the ASEAN region

In some ASEAN – countries, such as Thailand, foreign joint venture partners may have only 49% of the shares of the joint venture. On the other hand, unusually attractive tax exemption models exist in the ASEAN region, so that the foundation of a joint venture company can become a rewarding step for a Western company.

Other factors, such as industry and the innovation potential of the joint venture company to be established, can contribute towards receiving further financial benefits offered by the ASEAN government to high-tech small- and medium-sized Western companies.

Companies that consider the foundation of a joint venture company in the ASEAN region as a suitable strategy to enter the ASEAN market will be supported by us throughout the entire process. We provide you with the necessary information and help you in the planning and implementation of the company’s founding.