Company Foundation


Comprehensive influence and control

Known advantages that arise of founding a company or a 100% subsidiary abroad are bypassing restrictions on international trade (of tariff and non-tariff nature) the reduction of extensive transaction costs, comprehensive influence on and control of your business, and possible benefits of subsidization offered by the government of the country of destination.


Features of the ASEAN market

The decision of a Western medium-sized company to found a company in the ASEAN region will mostly be based on past experience gathered in the ASEAN region. Basic knowledge of the market characteristics and factors influencing the market and prevailing in the ASEAN region usually exists by the time such a step is put into action.

Founding a company is, in some ASEAN countries, restricted to certain industries or linked to conditions. On the other hand, a medium-sized high-tech company can benefit from special incentive arrangements specifically created by local governments to attract this kind of Western company to the country. Under these circumstances, the foundation of a company in a country of the ASEAN region can be a highly profitable strategic decision.

Thailand may be cited again as an example. Along with the aforementioned special incentive arrangements, a company will benefit from Thailand’s excellent infrastructure, combined with its central location within the ASEAN region.


Support for your project

We help Western medium-sized companies that intend to found a company in the ASEAN region throughout the entire process. Our ASEAN  network of experts can help you at every stage, from careful planning to the successful implementation of your project.