Research & Development


Joint product development

The aim is the joint development and distribution of new products by a Western and an ASEAN small- and medium-sized company. The requested technological know-how is brought in by both parties.


Advantages in the ASEAN market

Cooperation with a company from the ASEAN region allows the sharing of resources and the complementation of expertise that exists in both companies.

Moreover, this form of cooperation facilitates the subsequent marketing of new products on the ASEAN market. Experience has shown that our customers can often draw on the distribution network of their ASEAN cooperation partners. Alternatively, our customer can use the product development period to search for a suitable distribution partner.

In this context, it should be pointed out that products which were developed and manufactured in an ASEAN country are exempted from any sort of import tax when distributed in the ASEAN country of origin or the entire ASEAN region. Normally, an import tax of about 100% is added to the price of imported products in the ASEAN region.