IT - Information Technology


Comprehensive IT product development in the ASEAN  region

As a result of the rapid industrial development which has been taking place for several decades now in the countries of the ASEAN region, the area of information technology is becoming increasingly important.  As was previously the case in Western countries, applications of information technology increasingly pervade every aspect of daily life in the countries of the ASEAN community.

The strong support of information technology by ASEAN governments has contributed significantly to the emergence of domestic small- and medium-sized information technology companies. Very often these domestic SME are linked to and supported by public research institutions and national technology universities. Cooperation of this kind has resulted in various products that are sold on international markets.


Priorities in the ASEAN region

Focal areas of information technology in the ASEAN region are:

     * Domestic industry
     * Agriculture
     * Health Care / Medical Technology
     * Communication
     * Transportation / Traffic 


Cooperation Opportunities

The area of information technology offers comprehensive opportunities for cooperation for small- and medium-sized IT companies from Western countries. Opportunities include small projects or complex projects, such as intelligent traffic routing or location-based services (LBS).

Our network of leading experts in the field of information technology from the ASEAN region, and our long-standing contacts with national planning authorities in the ASEAN region have helped our clients to enter this market successfully.