About Us


Consultancy with an extensive network of experts

East West Science is a consulting firm with an extensive network of experts in Europe and the ASEAN region. Since its founding in 2006, the focus of East West Science has been on advising small- and medium-sized high-tech enterprises on their entry into the expanding market of the ASEAN region.


Experts for a planned ASEAN  Market entry

The economy in the emerging ASEAN market has been able to grow even during the years of the recent crisis. Western companies that positioned themselves early in the ASEAN market were able to benefit from this decision and overcome difficult times. Growth advantages of the ASEAN region over Europe will very likely increase even further in the years to come. To utilize this favorable situation, we help our clients with the careful planning and execution of a suitable market entry strategy for the ASEAN region, leading to stable growth and the improvement of their own competitive position.


Core Competencies

One of the core competencies of East West Science is our direct, longstanding contact with national planning authorities, leading universities, hospitals, investors, and lawyers from the ASEAN region. Access to an extensive network of experts from these institutions enables us to develop, together with our clients, a successful market entry strategy for the ASEAN region. Our European network of experts is accessible to our clients during the project planning and implementation phase, if requested.